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David Oliver


Standing alone in style and presentation David Oliver has been leading the Australian and international photographic industry for over 20 years. David's passion and devotion to pure photography has seen him win numerous awards, recently David won his Grand Master and Fellow of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography.

David Oliver has the ability to capture the emotions that only an intuitive sensitivity and talented eye for detail can evoke.

Sydney, London, Scotland, Ireland, Singapore and New York City, there are no boundaries to where David's discerning clientele will take them to make sure their precious moments are captured by this sensitive and spontaneous style.

“The perfect wedding photographs and family portraits capture emotion and fun. You cannot pose them, it’s all about capturing the moment and recording a great story.”

In 2007 David Oliver was awarded a Grand Master of Photography. The AIPP has also honoured him with the distinction of Fellow in recognition of the extraordinary photography achievements and commitment to the art of photography.

Called upon regularly to share his passion and knowledge of photography, lecturing in Australia and throughout the world. David's also co-produced two fine art books on landscape and documentary photography.

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